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Below you will find the Link Crew committees from the 2022-2023 school year. 


Link Crew President is Valentina Kissling!
Val will coordinate events and inform mentors and freshmen of updates. As a mentor or freshman, she is available to help with your needs. 

Vice President

Your Link Crew Vice President is Gary Torres
As your vice president Gary is available at events and meetings to answer your questions if needed. He also works to keep the link crew in communication with other clubs. 

Social Media Manager 

Your Social Media Manager is Delaney Grayson 
As Social Media Manager she works on the spread of information about events on social media. She runs our Instagram account and makes the fliers for everything we do 


Your Link Crew Secretary is Mada Azzuz 
As your secretary, she will act to keep track of all events and their dates as well as help keep communication between leaders and the board
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