President, Vice President, and ASB Liaisons
President, VP, and ASB liasons
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"As president and Vice President, we oversee all of the Link Crew Committee responsibilities and do daily check-ins with all groups. We plan and organize with Mr. Garrett on new ideas and approaches on how to better the link crew class as a whole as well as making it a positive and interactive environment. Overall, we are available to help all link crew students and provide new ways and ideas which can help the Freshman become more involved with school."  - Abby Samovitz and Ella Varsha

"As ASB Liaisons, we inform the freshman of upcoming ASB events. We try our best to send the information to every freshman. This helps the freshman become more involved with ASB" - Morgan Victor and Helena Pichardze

Social Media

"We inform freshman students at Calabasas High School of weekly events such as fundraisers, class nights and/or any important information that the freshman should be informed of through social media platforms such as Instagram" - Eric Zuckerman 


"Publicity works on making flyers/announcements to inform everyone of upcoming events and get the word around. We also help some of the other committees such as social media and fundraising to get the news of their events up in the air." - Kylie Schwartz and Megan Friedman

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Mentor Leads

"The Mentor Committee looks over and advises all mentors in Link crew. As well as overlooking the mentors we will be guiding them through this elective" - Lindsey Mandel, Talya Zaken, Jaden Shniderman, and Lindsay Leibovitch


"The website is run by Jordyn Greenfield and Eli Baker. We created this website you're using! We also requently update the website with new information about Link Crew, including upcoming events and announcements and information on committees and Affinity Groups" - Eli Baker and Jordyn Greenfield


"Sports are having a difficult time attracting new students to teams so our job during these times is to encourage more students to try-out. As well as have more student be in the know of who is managing the sports teams, who their coaches are, and who they will have with them on the team. We are trying to get as many people informed of sports tryouts as possible."

- Tyler Ortega and Emma Medrano 

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Freshman Seminar Liaisons

"Together we interact with the Freshman Seminar teachers informing them about updates, events. and activities that are happening within the link crew class. Additionally, they let us know on their behalf what we can do to help out their freshmen since they see them on a daily basis. Our main goal is to serve as a group uniting the freshman with an affiliation through the Freshman Seminar class."   

- Josephine Hein, Natalie Chirishian, and Sam Brener


"We help organize events regarding academics. Our first event is a tutor night where we will be in contact with NHS and have some tutors tutor the freshman a week before finals. Academically, freshman may be struggling because of online school, so we want to help them in any way we can, to take stress off their plate." - Alexander Nia and Ryan Brooks

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"We get students Involved with many different arts programs like dance, music, and theatre. We promote different forms of art programs using many different methods in order to get students involved and to meet others on hobbies that they too are interested in" - Caleb Kraiman and Kayla Safvi

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Event Coordinators

"We are the main people involved in planning events for the Freshman, such as coming up with new cool innovative ideas that the freshman would want to participate in. Such as planning large discussion events, Kahoots, and fun games!" - Isabel Laks Sherman, Yarden Madar, Dylan Nichols, and Autumn Mardell


"We are the link crew class historians! We go around to all the different clubs and events at CHS and take photos. Since we can't be on campus, we are trying our best to document our interesting school year."  - Ali Hummel and Sofie Kocar


"The purpose of the fundraising committee is to fundraise for our class. This year our goal is to raise as much money as we can to keep the class going and to be able to host fun activities in the future"

- Chloe Barnaj, Eliana Turobiner, and Arielle Ovadia

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Club Liaisons

"Our goal is to help Freshman interact and find new clubs that best fit their needs and simultaneously CHS and Link Crew by keeping in contact with ASB on ways that can help students feel connected to the school. Club Liaisons' main goal is to make freshman feel connected through clubs." - Ari Turobiner and Rachel Rice