Our goal in Link Crew is to make the transition of freshmen into high school as seamless and welcoming as possible. Taught by Mr. Garrett, Link Crew is both a class, a club, and a community. In Link Crew, you help freshmen as well as gain valuable skills. These skills include stronger leadership, mentorship, equity, and facilitation. 

The Link Crew class is divided into 13 committees and led by our President Abby Samovitz and Vice President Ella Varsha. Although we all have different tasks, we are together as a team working to ensure Freshmen have the best first year of High School. You can learn more about the individual committee purposes on the committee page of this website.


The Link Crew club is a community led by President Carlie Weiss. The club meets throughout every month and works alongside the class in keeping freshmen updated and providing them with guidance.

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